ᗷᕮ ᗩ ᑕᕼᓰᒪↁ

I like drinking coffee,

It keeps me undistracted

From the sacred process of creation,

Food is for mortals,

Coffee kills hunger,

I am  here to invent and produce,

But not use,


I like meeting my soulmate,

He keeps me undistracted,

From the sacred process of creation,

He wants nothing less but to let me breath in life,

And breath out poetry and sounds,

He is mighty, a lion,

We met a thousand light years into the future…


I like the thrill of traveling,

A hug that says: “I might not see you anymore”

The epic emotion that comes with it…

“It was so good to see you”, says the soul with the tremble in its voice, 

Eyes watering, heart crying, “You’re leaving, 

But I love you,

I always have, always will,

You’re beautiful inside and out,

May the Universe spoil you with its infinite love,

Go play,

Be a child,

Don’t care,

Fly with the wind,

Sing for the sun,

Make love under the moon,

Let the stars enviably shine down on you two,

In the middle of the night,