Coming from a closet hippie such as myself, I will tell you that I genuinely favor music with positive messages over druggy EDM that suggests taking pressed pills in clubs because “we might not see tomorrow” or whatever. However, I’m not a dead head or into the touchy feely vibes of a kundalini yoga instructor turned day rave dj– I want legit beats with empowering lyrics and I don’t want to compromise, damnit. In comes Lavender Fields, a Californian producer with a penchant for various shades of purple. Her first full length album, Music Beyond Music (out on June 22), sounds as though DJ Shadow and Flying Lotus (circa 1983/Los Angeles) took psychedelics together in Joshua Tree and decided to collaborate on a new age album that was produced by Prince Rama. Which sounds absolutely fantastic and translates into a magical bassy live show with some elements of reggae and a whiff of dream pop. Oh, and the record ends with a Saint Etienne sounding mid nineties synthy jam which somehow fits perfectly and gives me a heart-centered pep in my Doc Martin adorned step. I asked Ms. Lavender Fields a few questions about her music history and intentions for paving her artistic path…



PLEIADESOUNDS What are your biggest musical influences? Normally when I listen to music I can pinpoint exactly who the artists listens to and is greatly inspired by, but yours seems to be inspired by more than just music…

LAVENDER FIELDS I suppose my influences can be traced back to classical music that I’ve been studying and playing since early childhood. Tchaikovsky is my all time favorite composer, I just think his music contains so much magic and wonder, it has always been able to take me to the most hidden and sacred parts of my soul. I am also greatly influenced by Bob Marley! There is something in his music that touches my soul very deeply and his life and message are one of the most moving ones for me. He passed on 40 years but his songs still bring so much love, positivity, happiness and hope to the people of all nationalities, races and walks of life! It’s truly Universal. That inspires me a lot when I write music. I strive to be that force for good for all people and speak to all creation with my music. Amongst my other influences is Flying Lotus. Ever since I discovered his music, I fell in love with producing experimental electronica and creating my own weird lil sounds haha.

PS  In your opinion, in what ideal setting is best to experience your music?

LF Hmmm that’s a good one! I’d say driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, windows down, heart open, ocean on the left, trees on the right, during the golden hour magic :)

PS You are a classically trained pianist. How did you go from that to bassy-electronic-hippie-princess?

LF I’ve been playing classical music all my life and then I realized that I wanted to be my own composer! I started making songs first acoustically with just a guitar, piano and voice. Then I got a bit bored of that and wanted to create more innovative sounds and experiment! I got into bass music and drank ayahuasca for the first time, went to some transformational music festival and I guess my music has been evolving together with my consciousness :) This is just a natural evolution of me as a human and a musician. I am constantly evolving and expanding on this journey. Eventually I will come back to classical music. I am starting to transcribe my music now and envision some very epic orchestral arrangements mixed with electronica and world music in the near future!

PS  With what sort of message would you like listeners to walk away after having seen you live?

LF Certainly my goal is to spread love through music. I want people to connect with their own soul and get to the very depth of it after listening to my music live. I want people to open their hearts and love one another! I want people to think about nature and our beautiful planet and how much we should cherish that. When I perform live, I give the very best of my soul and my heart, I always try to play a show like its my last one. This is such a passion and labor of love for me and I absolutely enjoy every aspect of music in every way!

PS  What can we expect from you in the future?

LF I definitely see myself forming a band of musicians to play Lavender Fields’ music. I also definitely see lots of orchestral arrangements in my music to express the beauty of our planet through music, to be the voice for the voiceless and to express every human emotion through music, to express divinity the way I see it through music. Music is such a beautiful and powerful medium that can move and unite people. I am forever grateful to be born with this gift. I like the idea of being a modern day composer and reflect the state of the world and the concerns of our generation through music. 



**Album Release Party on June 23 at Silverlake Lounge in Los Angeles**

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"One of my dreams is to make a lasting contribution to the well-being of our beautiful planet that will ensure its preservation for the future generations. Music is a very powerful thing and together with environmental awareness, it can create miracles. That is what Lavender Fields stands for essentially. I am also a vegan and love to share new fun vegan recopies that I come up with my fans. I believe in plant-based living which is so beneficial for both our health and our planet..."

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Review of the concert in Varanasi, India...February 16, 2018

Review of the concert in Varanasi, India...February 16, 2018

Lavender Fields opened with her experimental music. Her sound washes over you in a pleasant manner. You find yourself swaying and bouncing to her reggae, dub and electronic sound. She is a Long Beach native who is not only a fine musician, but a producer as well. She creates environmentally conscious music and has said “When making music, I intend to elevate the listener’s mood and bring well being through music.” Her first full-length album is due to be released later this year and it’s definitely worth a listen.”

Dean Birkheimer

Introducing: Lavender Fields By Aaron Lee in FEATURES MUSIC August 17, 2017 Meet Lavender Fields, a musician and producer from Long Beach, California, making spiritually and environmentally conscious psychedelic music. Lavender’s music stems from a verdant cocktail of influences and impulses. She fuses dub, reggae, electronics and psychedelia together in ways that are heavy on coxing the part of your brain that switches things to automatic. “A cosmic journey through the fields of lavender-healing frequencies,” is how Lavender – real name, Anya – describes it. “When making music, I intend to elevate the listener’s mood and bring wellbeing through music. I have done a lot of research on certain frequencies and how they affect the human brain and body, and I incorporate all of that knowledge into my music-making process.” Heady stuff, no doubt. Listen to the mind-expanding ‘Waverly’, a kaleidoscopic thrill-ride that shifts in usual and stirring ways, and you’ll get a sense of where she’s coming from. “A cosmic journey through the fields of lavender-healing frequencies” – Lavender Fields Through her music, Lavender says she wants to bring “much needed awareness to our gorgeous planet that is suffering right now from all the pollution and animal extinction”. Her song ‘7th Generation’, which appears on her recently released debut EP, Lavender Fields Forever, addresses just this, asking repeatedly, “Do you think about the future?” “In Native American culture, they talk about living your life in a way that the 7th generation ahead can also enjoy the beauty of this planet as much,” says Lavender. “But, sadly, with the current way of life on the planet, we are leaving a very damaged place for the future generations. “I don’t know if people even think about it, but it bothers me a lot. So, I’ve decided to dedicate my music and art to bringing attention to conserving our planet and bringing harmony into the world.” Though versed in piano, guitar and ukulele, the most prominent elements of Lavender’s music are her production and singing. Reggae is one of her guiding influences, as is the music of Bob Marley, Alice Coltrane and Flying Lotus. You get a sense of this in the aforementioned ‘Waverly’ and her four-track debut EP. Her rework of The Beatles’ ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ is especially good. The wonky, warped-sounding pulsations in her sound bring drum and bass producers, such as Shy FX to mind, while, depending on the mood of the song, her vocals leap between the languid cool of an island girl and urgency of MIA or Thao Nguyen (Thao & the Get Down Stay Down). Lavender is current working on finishing her debut album for release later this year. But her debut EP and clutch of early tracks have already landed her a featured appearance at Cascadia Festival in Seattle last month. Next, she will be going on a national US tour with Brooklyn band Moon Hooch, performing 17 shows in major cities between September 24 and October 20. She is also planning a European tour for spring 2018. What does she want to achieve with her music? “I want to give voice to those who have no voice, to sing songs that open people’s hearts to the world around them, and perhaps inspires them to take a better care of our planet and protect all the amazing land and sea creatures that inhabit it. My intention is to bring harmony into the world through music.” Selected discography Lavender Fields Forever (EP, 2017, Dome of Doom) Waverly (Single, 2017) File next to: Alice Coltrane, Bob Marley, MIA, Matisyahu Website: Social media: Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud Lavender Fields’s next single is due to be released on August 22, 2017, and her first full-length album is due later this year. Image: Mekael Dawson Share TwitterFacebook5Google Related Lavender Fields rides psychedelic starlight on ‘Waverly’ Lavender Fields rides psychedelic starlight on ‘Waverly’ July 17, 2017 In "Music" Izzi Dunn on Recycled Love, activism and belonging Izzi Dunn on Recycled Love, activism and belonging June 17, 2017 In "Features" Malaika enchants with romantic single ‘Stop for a Minute’ Malaika enchants with romantic single ‘Stop for a Minute’ June 14, 2017 In "Music" TAGS: AVANT-GARDE MUSIC, CALIFORNIA MUSICIANS, CONSERVATION, DRUM AND BASS MUSIC, ELECTRONIC MUSIC, FEATURED, INTRODUCING, LAVENDER FIELDS, PSYCHEDELIC MUSIC, REGGAE MUSIC, SPIRITUALITY, US MUSIC Post navigation Afropunk London 2017 review – maverick music and expression at this celebration of inclusivity Search for: Search … Search Subscribe to our mailing list * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name SUBSCRIBE UPCOMING EVENTS There are no upcoming events at this time. 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"Lavender Fields is a self-identified "Lavendub" artist, inspired by numerous pre-existing genres from classical to reggae. Lavender Fields attempts to send positive messages through her music and does so stunningly in her song "7th Generation". Drawing inspiration from the Native American belief that we should make decisions that will be positive for the next seven generations following us, Lavender Fields encourages listeners to make a positive impact on our earth. "7th Generation" and two other tracks are soon to be released on Lavender Fields' debut EP on February 24th. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the project and I left it on repeat for quite some time. Lavender Fields' sound is haunting and powerful but also playful and soothing. Each track is has a strong core sound sprinkled with whimsy; the complexity provides an immersive auditory experience. It is almost as though your ears are exploring through a wonder-world of sounds with the mostly-loyal kick and snare as their tour guides. Mackenzie Tucker, ”

When you need a wake-up call, try riding the psychedelic surge of Lavender Fields’s ‘Waverly’. This multi-instrumentalist and producer from Los Angeles, California, has let loose a thrilling kaleidoscopic blend of sparky synths and wonky electronic dub that feels a bit like a mix between Tune-Yards, Little Dragon and MIA.”

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