Like The Wind

Touch me like the wind touches the ocean open wide 
Brush my hair like you brush the waves into high tide 
Fly away 
On a pair of angel wings 
Oh I pray 
That we can find peace 

Close your eyes on imperfections 
And just look inside 
You are innocent indeed 
And yes 
You are the light 
Fly away 
On a pair of angel wings 
Oh I pray 
That we can find peace 

Look at nature 
How its flowing 
No anxiety 
Leaves are falling 
Winds are blowing 
Nature sets you free 

Fly away 
On a pair of angel wings 
Oh I pray 
That we can find peace 




What makes you beautiful is your heart 
What makes you beautiful is your soul 
Sister Sister 
Oh how I missed, I missed ya 
Give me a hug and tell me where on Earth you've been 
Your path is sacred sister 
We are like naked sister 
Before the one 
Before the one 
Before the one 
Under the sun 

Joy is in my heart 
Love is in my heart






Dwelling in the state of flow 
Planting trees 
All over seas 
From your cieling to your floor 
Peace for peace 
Peace for war 

I am free I am free I attach myself to nothing 
Like the river in me always flowing never rushing 
I am more than I think I am infinite nothing





Knowledge of mystery 
Flow through me easily 
How can I live in this world 
Knowing there's suffering 
Knowing there's pain 
How can I remain 
In peace 

Healing for you mama 
Healing for you papa 
Healing for you my friend 
Sweet talking luna 
Heart open sooner 
Love wins in the end 
Love wins






Picking the right chords, 
Staying underground, 
Babylon living in Hollywood town, 
Looking through illusions eyes wide shut, 
Walking in confusion sheep are lost, 
Be a good shepherd, Bring them all home 
They went astray and took a form 
That was molded for them, 
Lavender Jam, 
Come a come a come a come again.... 

Indigo Color in between the eye browse, 
Navi navigate through the darkest hours, 
Show me the way on my path may I stay 
Come a come a come a come again 

Light Up The World! 

Smokey Sparrow in Lavender Fields 
Flying high see what future reveals 
Through the dreams of faraway travels 
What she sees she knows, follows 
On the quest for the secrets of ages, 
Setting Free all the birds in all cages 
What I see in the mirror I see in your eyes, 
I change my perception this owl is wise 
Light Up The World






Always provided for, 
Always given love, 
Just like the birds, 
Flying above, 
Singing the song, 
Making sweet sounds, 
Not a worry can be found in their hearts 

You are an angel 
I know you are 
I can see light 
From where very far 
I meditate 
And elevate 
So much beauty 
We can create in this world 

Went to the edge of the world to connect with spirit 
Pour my heart to the wind plant good seeds and believe it 
One day it will grow to a beautiful tree 
We will be free 
From pain and suffering anxiety 
Just live in the moment that's when you are free 
No one really knows how to live this life 
We just try harder 
Roots and chalice and good conversation 
I look at your soul its the highest vibration 
Can I vibrate next to it by your side? 
Because I look at your face 
And I look in your eyes 
Its the color of the angel's cries 
When they are swimming in the starlight....





I am the native of this Universe, I am alive 
Planet Earth is where I now reside 
The ices melting in the North Pole, 
Things are getting hot, 
There's nowhere else to run 
Just swim and drown 

7th Generation, 
Do you think about the future? 
We gotta say something, 
We gotta do something 
Do you think about the future? 

In crystal waters deep inside the mountain amethyst 
I hide I hide I hide 
And they mine and mine and mine 
They never get enough 
They can never get enough 
Until we are homeless, we are all homeless 

The forest been cut out to plant the seeds of destruction 
They say its just a fraction 
Its just a small small fraction 
Before we are homeless, 
We are all homeless





City robs me off energy 
But in nature I find synergy 
Calming ocean waves and eagle cries 
How could I ever compromise? 
I'm a part of you, my mother Earth, 
And it truly hurts me when you are hurt 
We are new generation 
Bringing in new vibration 
The one that sounds true 
To the Earth, me and you 
I would lay my head down and embrace you 
Feeling your heartbeat 
I can almost taste you 
Sweetest nectar 
That keeps on giving 

Now it's time for you to be receiving




Sweet little lady

Flower confetti

Sparkle your shine

All down the line

Lil lil mama

Beautiful flower

I can see why

You are so fine

Can you feel this vibration

Expanding your imagination

Feel infinity in your palm

Feel eternity just for fun




I believe in myself

My every atom and cell

Vibrates with love and compassion

In the infinite fashion

I give up all my needs

My wisdom nurtures and feeds

All the hearts around me

White beings surround me

And I Flow Like A Flower In The Ocean Of Light


Positive vibration is my occupation

Feeling good on steady rotation

When life gives me lemons

I give it sweets

Don’t just bite the hand that feeds

Blessings of tomorrow are sorrows of today

Make room for the positive day

Shine Your Light even through your tears

Show no weakness or fears

Please recognize

With all of your eyes

You’ve got what it takes

To get through this phase

Of darkness with grace

And you’ll be amazed

How deep you can trace to your roots




Size of a mustard seed

Infinite Choice

Given to you and you do have a voice

Give me the power

And give me the strength

I've been climbing your mountain it's time to break and

Sing, sing

A dream, a dream


Trees are like me, trees

Trees are like us, trees

Whispering winds, trees

Telling you please, trees

Look at the sky, blue sky

Just like her eye when she smiles

Be like the water for her soul

Making her whole


Sing, a dream


You're overseas, I feel you

Beat of your heart, I feel you

Thousands of miles, I feel you

When I look up in the skies, I feel you

You are the light that guides me

Out of the darkness to be free

Beautiful moment in infinite space

So full of grace



A dream




Have you ever seen lavender in love

Lavender in bloom

I can really tune

To your frequency

Swimming in the sea

Of your sacred light, inside

When I lay my head on your chest

Feeling your heartbeat, so blessed

Right here, right now and nothing else matters


I think I like you


Your words lift me up

Your smile picks me up

Cuz love is all you got

In that big heart

You gonna go far

You gonna fly higher

You spread love and peace

That's what the world needs

True masterpiece of all human breeds

Plant plant seeds

Make make beats


I think I Like You