Listening to Lavender Fields is like playing with a box of kittens!

Her captivating genre-bending live electronica experience is created as she fuses analog hardware with the innovations of electronic music guided by the intention to heal.

Lavender Fields is a producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who creates ethereal portals of sonic beauty, transcending time and space. Her spellbinding performances are accompanied by her playing the keys, flute, guitar and singing.

The creator’s journey began with her foundation in classical music and has since alchemized with many of her inspirations, from the mystical classical compositions of Tchaikovsky to the timeless, reggae beats of Bob Marley. Flying Lotus’ experimental electronica inspired Lavender Fields to explore, create, and fuse sounds with the Moog.

Her ultimate goal in music is to share a positive message with the world. Her passion for the environment is also expressed through her project “Light Up The World”, where she plants lavender in every city she visits.

New album “Illumina” is now out on all platforms.

Notable festival appearances: Sonic Bloom, Cascadia, Arise, Tribal Vision, Fly Up Reggae Fest, Soultruistic, Lucidity.. 


Lavender Fields, high res promo image

Lavender Fields, high res promo image