Lavender Fields is a music producer and a songwriter from San Diego. 

Being a classically trained pianist since early childhood, Lavender Fields revels in sonic innovation. Her diverse stylings fuse together in a signature sound she's coined LavenDub. 

Artist's thought provoking lyrical flow is drenched in psychedelic soundscapes, heavy bass and elevating beats.

Lavender's open-hearted songwriting delivers the message of universal love and environmental awareness. Her music evokes joy in audiences of all ages, genders and nationalities making it universally relatable.

Lavender Fields tours all across the United States and Europe to bring her healing sounds to as many parts of the planet as possible.

Notable festival appearances: Sonic Bloom, Cascadia, Arise, Tribal Vision, Soultruistic, Lucidity. 

Currently Lavender Fields is working on her new full length album, due to be released in the spring of 2020.

Lavender Fields, high res promo image

Lavender Fields, high res promo image