Lavender Fields is a producer, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. She fuses analog hardware with the innovative sound design of electronic music to create a captivating, genre-bending Live Electronica experience. Her performances are occasionally accompanied by her playing the flute or another artist’s live sound. The San-Diego based creator’s music began with her foundation in classical music and has since alchemized with many of her inspirations, from the mystical, classical compositions of Tchaikovsky to the timeless, reggae beats of Bob Marley. Flying Lotus’ experimental electronica inspired Lavender Fields to explore, create, and fuse sounds with the Moog.



Her stage name came from a dream. On one beautiful autumn night in 2015 when the artist was camping out in the mountains of Northern California, she dreamt of billowing fields of pungent lavenders located in the south of France. The smell, the feeling were so vivid that the songwriter woke up under such a strong impression of her flowery dream that naming her music project Lavender Fields was only natural. 

Weaving together the mysticism of sound, the precision of the classical music education that the artist received as a child, and the innovation of electronic music production, Lavender Fields transforms her vision into music. 

The themes of natural world preservation and the love for our planet run deeply through the artist's musical and lyrical creations.

Songwriter's perpetual curiosity about world music from every tradition drives her to travel and tour in the most exotic places on the planet with the purpose of learning diverse musical traditions and ethnic instruments.

Lavender Fields' live show is a special experience of a heart opening sonic journey full of soul lifting vibrations and inspiring lyricism. 

Currently the artist is working on her 2nd full length album "Illumina" to be released in March 2020. 


Some other notable US Music Festival appearances are: Sonic Bloom, Arise, Lucidity, Cascadia, Tribal Vision, Shambhala. 

Lavender Fields, high res promo image

Lavender Fields, high res promo image