DJ Mixes by Lavender Fields

Ecstatic Dance 2 hour Mix

Immerse yourself in luscious flowery frequency fields and lose yourself dancing to the rhythms of the Earth. Music producer and DJ Lavender Fields invites you to an ecstatic evening of live electronic music, flawlessly crafted with the intention to raise our vibration and open the heart. Giving special attention to the detail and seamlessly weaving together rhythmical patterns and melodies, Lavender takes us on a 2 hour sonic journey to let the inner child awaken in enchantment and joy of being alive.” - Trilogy Sanctuary, San Diego

Trilogy Sanctuary, San Diego

Previous Ecstatic Dances led by Lavender Fields:

- Trilogy Sanctuary Ecstatic Dance San Diego (5/14/2022)

-  Encinitas Ecstatic Dance (7/15/22)

- Denver Ecstatic Dance (11/6/22)

- Harbin Hot Springs Dance (10/21/2022)

- Boulder Ecstatic Dance (11/8/22)

- St. Pete Florida Ecstatic Dance (11/19/22)

- Santa Fe Ecstatic Dance (11/13/2022)

St. Pete's Florida ecstatic dance