We meet again, in the stars

 In two days it will be a year since my baby has left. It’s been the most heartbreaking part of this human experience by far. The tears are rolling in the eyes, pushing their way through, even if I don’t want them to. The heart squeezes, holding the waterfall of emotion from crashing down this dam.

Oh my sweet baby, how are you so close and so far away? You come to console me in my dreams, when the storms of life are hitting so hard. Then I awaken with tears running down my face. I cannot hold them.  

For six years you have been by my side, unfolding the dimensions of this earthly experience, you taught me life. Now you teach me life through my dreams, guiding me like the north star on a cold winter night. Love like that doesn’t let go so quickly. It takes a strong hold on your entire being. And pulls you down to the depths of the ocean called life. And when I’m free from this human form, We meet again, in the stars ...