Wild and free

Carry my prayers to the sea

And set them free

Baptizing us with love, forgiveness,

Rain on us with wisdom

Wash away all pain and grief

Raise us higher than the leaves

Flowing in the wind and dancing

I'm glancing

At your mesmerizing beauty, 

Mama Earth,

You've held me dearly so close

When no one was around

You gave me sound

Coming from my heart

I listen closely to your whisper

And then the quiet comes,

Please listen....


One morning,

the poetry just started flowing out of me

And ever since I have been free 

To be

On this magnetic Earth

To birth

Creations of a heart

One beating human heart

Igniting one another

Sister brother

In love we win

In fight we lose. abuse and suffer

So let's burst out in laughter

And recognize the light inside each other's heart

That brings together, not apart

The family,

We're all in this toGather

Making the weather better

Smile, my soul

I haven't seen you shine, it's been so long

But now you are in all your glory

Creating our greatest story

Telling wisdom to those who listen

Sharing sound

A queen is crowned