✞♄℮ ₩øяℓ∂ Ѧґ☺υηḓ Ẏøü

Mama knows I get hight in the bedroom at night
She knows that it's hard and I can't lose this fight
I gotta let go
Let my poetry flow
I gotta lift up to one level above

Don't follow the guru
You are the guru
Don't follow me either
I'm just a human

Just shine the brightest
You know what I mean?
Your responsibility
Is your ability to feel
The world around you
And all the way through
If good things found you
Share with the crew
Cuz we are all here
Living together
We are now human
But not forever

Go harmonize with a stranger's eyes
If you can agree
Then you can be free
From isms and prejudice of the mankind
Just please, don't leave your people behind

And I'm inexperienced at this thing called life
And if I know nothing,
I know how to fight
Like a beautiful flower
In a place of dark light
I can stare for hours
At no object or sight
Cuz I can see magic in the simple things
Sometime it's tragic
But you catch a glimpse
Of something so true and incredibly real
I can tell by vibrations
The way they feel

Here you go
Once again
You come out
Of your shell
you've been trapped for so long
By the mind of your own
Inability or capability
Choose your poison and your affinity