Always provided for,
Always given love,
Just like the birds,
Flying above,
Singing the song,
Making sweet sounds,
Not a worry can be found in their hearts

You are an angel
I know you are
I can see light
From where very far
I meditate
And elevate
So much beauty
We can create in this world

Went to the edge of the world to connect with spirit
Pour my heart to the wind plant good seeds and believe it
One day it will grow to a beautiful tree
We will be free
From pain and suffering anxiety
Just live in the moment that's when you are free
Noone really knows how to live this life
We just try harder
Roots and chalice and good conversation
I look at your soul its the highest vibration
Can I vibrate next to it by your side?
Because I look at your face
And I look in your eyes
Its the color of the angel's cries
When they are swimming in the starlight....

Written and produced by Lavender Fields,
Copyright 2017,