Lavender Fields is a producer, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. She fuses analog hardware with the innovative sound design of electronic music to create a captivating, genre-bending Live Electronica experience. Etherial vocal soundscapes, big bass and live world instruments add to the cosmic dub symphony of Lavender's moving performances. The Berlin based creator’s music began with her foundation in classical music and has since alchemized with many of her inspirations, from the mystical, classical compositions of Tchaikovsky to the timeless, reggae beats of Bob Marley. Flying Lotus’ experimental electronica inspired Lavender Fields to explore, create, and fuse sounds with the Moog. Her live performance are accompanied by her voice, live world instruments, analog synthesis and uplifting beats. 

After releasing her first EP "Lavender Fields Forever" in 2017 via Los Angeles Independent Label "Dome Of Doom", Lavender Fields continues to explore sonic realms by bringing in innovation in sound in her own unique way.

Her latest album Music Beyond Music was released on June 22, 2018. Her subsequent tour highlighted how her music expands ‘beyond music’ as she teamed up with permaculture designers to educate her fans about our environment. Her passion for the environment is also expressed through her “Light Up the World Project,” where she plants lavender in every city she visits.


She is currently working on her new album "Illuminate"

Some other notable US Music Festival appearances are: Sonic Bloom, Arise, Lucidity, Cascadia, Tribal Vision, Shambhala. 

Lavender Fields, high res promo image

Lavender Fields, high res promo image